LTH Electronics

LTH Electronics has been delivering intelligent measurement solutions for water quality measurement and process control since 1967. Combining quality instrumentation with application and field experience, the provision of an intelligent measurement solution is ensured.

Industries covered are including:

  • Food and beverage.
  • Pharmaceutical.
  • Biotechnology.
  • Power generation.
  • Aerospace and automotive.
  • Environmental.
  • Paper and pulp.

Range of products and services covered include the following:

  • Electrodeless and conventional conductivity.
  • pH & Redox.
  • Dissolved Oxygen, Suspended Solids, Turbidity
  • Level (ultrasonic, radar, hydrostatic, conductivity).
  • Flow (electromagnetic and ultrasonic).
  • Pressure and Temperature.
  • Calibration to traceable standards.
  • Commissioning, installation and maintenance.